GOOD LORD! Can We Get a Stimulus Plan for SuperPharm, Please?

I’ll just skip the details and cut to the question:

While shopping today, I almost had a heart attack from the price of a certain item at SuperPharm. Move over, contact lens solution….there’s a new unbelievably overpriced good in town! Any of my friends visiting from the States any time soon?

Who wants to guess what caused me to stand in the aisle and just STARE for five minutes, hoping that one of these items would magically become cheap enough to buy?

And in other news, you’re all invited to Jerusalem’s Comedy Basement Saturday night where I’ll be headlining. You know the drill…9:15 PM, Ben Yehuda 34 under the Mashbir….35 shekels (30 for students, soldiers, seniors) plus a drink. Come on out and have a good time.

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