Two Degrees of Kevin (Unkosher) Bacon

Imagine you move to New York.

You take a job working for a Jewish youth organization, planning high school tours to Israel.

You befriend your new co-worker who does the same thing, for recent high school graduates.

You work closely together as two assistant directors of the same department. You laugh, you cry, you sit in countless meetings managing a department. (Maybe you don’t cry, but you laughed a helluva lot.)

You visit her family’s bungalow in the Catskills for your annual planning meeting to create a marketing plan. (And her Israeli mother teaches you that “simi sneakers” is some kind of phrase meaning “get outta here/buzz off” which you laugh about for the next several years. Can any of my older loyal readers confirm this?)

You go to her birthday party.

And after three years, you leave your job to move to Israel. In her goodbye card to you, “I wish I had the guts to do what you’re doing.”

You take a job upon moving to Israel….then a different part-time job….then a different full-time job….then another. Again, you’re planning Israel trips but this time on the logistics side instead of customer service.

Two-plus years pass.

What’s that?

She’s moving to Israel?

And she’s looking for a job?

And she’s interviewing with whom?

And they offered her a job?

And she’s taking it???

And they work with your company, providing pre-paid debit cards to your customers?

And she’s going to be WHAT??? Your new account manager???

Welcome to Israel. This happens 47,000 times every day. You thought the Jewish world in the States was small? I have two roommates; they may or may not also be my sisters, bosses, and wives.

Co-worker…Israel Day Parade 2006.
Now she works for me…HA HA HA!!!
(Don’t burn any bridges in Israel, people.
They may be bossing you around in miluim one day.)
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