On Second Thought, How Can I Not Put ‘Esti Ginzburg’ in Here Just for the Google Juice?

Post #2 today…

Roughly 2.4 seconds ago:

Co-worker, picking up box in way: “Is this yours?”
Some dumb oleh, smiling for no reason: “No.”
Co-worker: “Liar, liar, picks on fire.”
SDO: “Umm….WHAT?????

G-d, I wish she had said “pigs”. That would have been 5000 times funnier. And I’m sure there’s nothing good under Google Images for “picks.”

Instead, how about new Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Esti Ginzburg?
Did I mention she’s Israeli? And if you met an Esther Ginzburg in South Florida, what are the odds that she’d be under 75 years old?
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