I Guess I’m Not as Familiar With Their Platform as I Thought

Post 2 of 2 today…

Check out Kadima.co.il as of a few minutes ago. Either they have a really weird platform or this site has been hacked. Tsipi, baby-what’s with the angry armed dude? To be fair, I don’t know what he’s doing with the gun so I can’t call him a terrorist. It could be a water pistol which would REALLY be a crime based on the horrible drought.

And what’s up with the tiger? Shouldn’t they be displaying 72 virgins? I guess it’s easier to take a picture of one mammal than seventy-two. Can you imagine the fashion coordination it would require to capture 72 women in one photo?

Turns out that this is the real Kadima website (.org.il, as opposed to the above .co.il). Well, what the heck is this site then? These guys better not hack BenjiLovitt.co.il and replace it with pictures of Sheikh Yassin.

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