That’s the sound of…tiredness? Is that a word? Tiridity? I feel like I should say something although I haven’t been online bichlal (at all) this week so I haven’t had the time or energy.

The shows have gone great. El Al is funny wherever you are apparently. I haven’t written down thoughts from this trip but here are a few while sitting in a Toronto cafe with free wifi:

  • American food is really bleeping good. Of course I think I gained 384 pounds after landing but, hey, at least we have universal health care here. Oh wait.
  • We get more precipitation here in 3 minutes than in a month in Israel. Although I heard it poured last weekend. I witnessed my first snow in a few years in Boston. Reminded me of my first winter in NY.

Me, looking out window of work: “Look! (with enthusiasm of a 5 year-old) It’s snowing!”
New Yorker in next cube, in heaviest accent humanly possible: “That’s not snow. That’s just flurries.”

Oh, come on

  • I felt like a real tourist Sunday night when I got to watch the Oscars, yet knew nothing about any of the movies. A litte weird. Sadly, “Waltz with Bashir” didn’t win. I think I was seriously overtired. All night I kept making up categories like “Best Supporting Ars-eet“….”Best Original Freicha“. I don’t know if anyone else found it funny but I was dying. Come to think of it, I may have been saying them to myself.
One of my favorite WWZ phrases….here it comes….
Houston, we have a freicha.”
  • I started Tweeting. Slowly becoming interested….
  • There’s much less culture shock when you’re in the Northeast cities. I remember feeling really weird in Atlanta and Texas. New York ain’t so different from Tel Aviv although on the subway, I turned to my friend and said “THERE’S SO MUCH ENGLISH HERE!!!”
  • Oh….and finally….for the last time….if El Al doesn’t do it, NOBODY SHOULD DO IT. What’s this taking off your shoes caca?

All right, that’s something for now….haven’t hit “Publish Post” in a while. So what am I missing in Israel? Do we have a government yet? Has the highly anticipated movie been released yet? “Waltz with Manyak?”

More on ridiculous airport security….the “puffer”!
And some more….

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