Big Melons: Shuk Special or Dirty Magazine?

From an office somewhere in Jerusalem….an email that may or may not have been sent a short while ago from Some Dumb Oleh to his boss…

“In the unlikely event that the tech department decides to tell you that I’ve been looking at pornography in the office, let me pre-emptively declare that I was not.

This is the message I got when trying to see an article about Bar Refaeli that my friend just emailed me.

This is what I saw when I Googled the “guilty” website. LA-ist is a site about Los Angeles. Nice job, tech people.”

By the way, not sure if you can read the tiny message in the first picture but is there an Unrestricted Pornography category? Is that stuff ok to check out at work?

What other dirty Israeli magazines are there? This could be good.

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