Another Exciting Edition of ‘Did That Just Happen?’

Did you catch the election videos, people? Good times. If not, I ain’t linking to them as it’s just after 7 AM and b’emet, ayn li koach for that. (Although I do have energy to link to that and announce that we are #1 in the Google rankings for “ayn li koach”. Which just adds to our meaningless list….)

So it’s a few days ago and some dumb oleh (let’s call him Renji) is at Bank Hapoalim cashing some checks for work. Renji needs 100 shekel bills to give to his Birthright participants arriving later that day so they can buy some meals here and there. As the teller starts counting bills in front of him, the following scene unfolds in Hebrew:

Renji: “I need the bills in 100s, please.”

Teller: “I don’t have 100s.”

Renji: “But I need 100s. Can you ask another teller maybe?”

Teller (looking down the row): “Do you have?” (No.)
“What about you?” (No.)
(to Renji) “We don’t have 100s.”

Renji: “But this is a bank!”

What the hell??? Was he supposed to give the supersecret password? “Flaming falafel balls?”

That’s like walking into Kinko’s at 9 AM and being told, “sorry, there’s no paper.” YOU’RE KINKOS! WHAT THE HELL ARE WE PAYING YOU FOR? And at a shekel twenty a transaction, we’re paying you handsomely. I prefer Bank Leumi where they make their customers millionaires.

“Welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order?
Hamburgers? HAM-burgers?!? I don’t THINK so!”
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