25 Random Things About Yasser Arafat

Yeah, so everybody and their Prime Minister is doing the Facebook 25 things post. Incredibly enough I’ve only been tagged once or twice. For the first several days, I thought “is something wrong with my account?” Or “do I just know everything about my friends so they don’t feel the need to tag me?” Or “man, I really need to stop using Facebook.”

After considering it for roughly 1.2 seconds, I decided “nope, not doing it.” I exert enough creative energy here, no need to tell the world that I once saw Aerosmith with my mom because she wouldn’t let me go alone and I didn’t know anyone else in town to go with me (despite the fact that she had recently let me spend 9 months in Israel at age 18.) Commenters, feel free to tell the world 24 more things about me. I of course reserve the right to deny it….or delete it….or go into hiding.

Shabbat shalom!

23. This one time in Oslo, I got so sad that I listened to Michael Bolton for 3 days straight while eating a giant bag of Doritos Cool Ranch chips.
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