Take a Left at Beersheva and Walk Ten Paces

Around 4 PM, somewhere in a Jerusalem office…..

Co-worker: “Benji, can you tell me a city in the Midwest? I need to know what the time difference is.”

Me: “Well, let me show you the map.” (Pulls up map online, fun ensues)

Co-worker: (trying to decipher what the hell is going on) “Lowa….Lowa?”

Me: “That’s an ‘I’. IOWA.”

Co-worker: “Is Seattle in the Midwest???”

Me: “Chamuda*, let me show you. Seattle is here. That’s the Pacific Northwest. Chicago is here.”

Co-worker: “THAT’S the Midwest??? But it’s not in the West!”

Ummm…good point. That is ridiculous. How about starting a blog about us Americans? What Fast Food Zone?

Now why is Arizona orange?
Are they against the disengagement?

Co-worker: “Wait, Washington is not near New York?”

Me: “Washington, DC is near New York. That’s Washington State.”

Co-worker: “There is a state AND a city of Washington? That’s stupid.”

At least we just passed five minutes. Is it Shabbat yet?

*Cutie, sweetie, some other term of endearment that Israelis throw around like horseshoes.

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