(Reuters) Texas Longhorns Down Hamas Cacaheads in Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

Way to go, Longhorns. But seriously, how dare a war break out when my groups are here. Not even a second over the last couple of days to write. Not a second now either but here’s some stuff to digest…

From Harry at Israel21c: Last week, while missiles were raining down on both Gaza and Israel, Israeli doctors mobilized to save the life of Jafar, a two-week-old Palestinian baby, born with a heart defect. What other country would motivate to save the life of a child of a people they are currently engaged in battle with? If you agree that this is the type of message that the world should be hearing about Israel then please share this video link with friends, post it to your Facebook account, embed it on your blog and populate it on any social network you are involved with.

Apparently merchants from the south will be selling stuff at the Tel Aviv port on Sunday and Monday….more info to come. (Three minutes later….what more info could I possibly find? If you’re here, you know where to go. The namal (port) always seems weird to me, like it’s not part of the city. Reminds me of South Street Seaport in NY.) Thanks, Shara.

People are putting together care packages for soldiers, visiting Ashkelon to visit kids in bomb shelters, writing letters to editors in papers in their communities around the world…

What are you doing?

No, REALLY, have you done your part yet?

Oh, and if you’ve planned to make a trip here but are now having second thoughts….COME. More on THAT later….or do I need to remind you of the name of this blog? No shrapnel to be seen when I was eating my salmon noodle dish last night in Tel Aviv. But I did see some horrendously written English on the paper tablecloth. Mmm….Giraffe.

Longer update later.

(When you only eat one potato burekas and a bag of bamba before 8 PM, this is the kind of disjointed stuff you write the next day.)

Update: Jack’s most recent round-up.

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