Live Blogging the Obama Inauguration: Who Had 12:48 PM In The Shema Pool?

12:48 PM Eastern time / 7:48 PM Israel time: What’s up with the preacher dropping the Shema in English? That was interesting.

1-something: Fox News freezes for a second, causing everyone in the room to temporarily freak the hell out.

1-something later (I’m good at the live blogging, huh?): Everyone in the room stands up to sing the “Star Spangled Banner”. Did that happen at your parties? That was pretty emotional.

Ok, I seriously ate about 478 crackers with cheese and/or chumus at an inauguration party. And good Lord, have you people eaten Poppycock? It’s kind of like Crunch and Munch but with crack cocaine. That was fantastic.

If you see some yeshiva boys doing a deal in Zion Square, it probably involves this.
Or Marzipan.

My co-workers asked me today what “inauguration” meant. Uhhhhh….has anyone actually ever heard this word in any other context from….you know, an inauguration?

I really need to get some sleep. Is it Shabbat yet?

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