How Does One Find a Good Hamburger During a War? AM I ASKING SO MUCH???

Last night I got a phone call from an old camper and headed downtown to grab a bite to eat. After wandering around downtown Jerusalem and realizing that the ratio of annoying touristy stores outnumbers actual dining establishments 39,308 to 1, we finally made our way to Burgers Bar.

B’ima sheli, how in the hell do they name hamburger joints in this country? It makes slightly less sense than how they name military operations. My friend Mort says that there’s some bank of names on a computer somewhere which spits them out (Cast Lead? Apparently this one has a link to Chanukkah and dreidels.) These are actual names of restaurants:

Burger Bar
Bar Burger

Wait, we’re about to take it to another level.

Burgus Burger Bar

Benji Massachusetts would like to announce his new franchise:
Burger Bar Burger Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Burgus!

I already told you what I think about non-American burgers. They can dress them up with pesto, onions, and whatever else but something just ain’t right, I tells ya. Apparently Burgers Bar downtown also puts some kind of addictive chemical in their meat to attract thousands of yeshiva kids from the northeast. Can we get an investigative reporter up in here?

So not to say these are the only options but they’re the only ones I have energy to find at 7 AM. If you’re in Israel, I’m sure you know about all the food drives and whatnot. In you’re in the States or anywhere else, how about going to a pro-Israel rally in your community? Or you could…

I know there are a lot of you out there….care to share what you’re doing?

If you want to get me off this, and you haven’t done anything to support Israel, yet you are even an occasional reader of this blog….
Could I ask you to get off this? Israel and the Jews of the world need your help.
If you think this is just about Israel, then read this. Did you click?

If you live in America, how about shipping some Fuddrucker’s over here?
Benji Massachusetts goes to Sderot!
Benji Massachusetts opens travel agency!
Just who is Benji Massachusettss?
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