Overheard on Galgalatz!

Ok, I probably should have done this a year or two ago but better late than never….and a good excuse for a new blog label.

So as I’ve explained before, Galgalatz is the most popular radio station here, run by army radio (Galatz, short for Galei Tzahal, or literally Waves of the Army, presumably radio waves, yes?)

It’s also what I call the “unintentional Jack-FM“. Jack-FM is a chain of stations in America with no format. The DJ plays all types of songs, like Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over” because it’s an oldie but goodie. On Galgalatz, not only was it never taken out of the rotation in the first place, but the DJ probably assumes it’s still popular. Gidi Gov? We got it. Kanye West? Of course. Gidi Gov and Kanye West? We can dream, can’t we? (And when it’s released, they’ll be sure to play it every hour.)

Some people love the playlist and some don’t (as evidenced by the several pro- and anti-Facebook groups. Here is the largest one, in favor.) But if you want to hear a song you thought you’d never hear again, this is the station to listen to. And the traffic reports and hourly news updates aren’t bad either (if you can understand them.)

Yesterday, I heard this song on the radio which I seriously haven’t heard on radio in about sixteen years, mostly because it hasn’t been played on the radio for sixteen years. Until Galgalatz got a hold of it.

Who didn’t love Richard Marx in the late 80s, early 90s? Ech omrim “mullet”? Anyway, here’s his song “Hazard” from around 1992 when he was becoming an afterthought…


Read more about Galgalatz here. Or listen!

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