Live Blogging Reading about Gaza

6:45 AM I woke up and went to Jpost.com.

6:49 AM I went to NYTimes.com.

6:51 AM I turned on the dood. This is of far greater importance to me than anything the traditional media outlets are covering.

6:52 AM I read other sites.

Do you feel caught up on the conflict? Live blogging rules.

Ok, this is the first image result when I Googled “live blogging”.
Do we think this was PhotoShopped?

In other news, this happened at work yesterday:

(co-worker’s phone rings repeatedly)

“Kol hatelefonim, b’IMA sheli!”

How an Israeli would translate it: “All these phone calls, SERIOUSLY!”
How I would translate it: All the telephones are in my mother!

Am I missing something about this language?

(Yep, we’re still #1 in Google for “b’ima sheli.” Why this isn’t being covered on Sky News right now is beyond me.)

Check out our friend Jack for a round-up of Gaza-related posts in the blogosphere.

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