Live Blogging I Don’t Believe That Just Happened

Notice a small dearth of posts recently, my loyal readers? My first winter group arrives in five days. Fun fun fun. Fortunately, as long as I am working (or living) in this country, I will have no shortage of posts like this one…

And now……another great moment in Israeli customer service history.

Benji: “Shalom, I’d like to order a challah, please.”
Man: “Please hold.”

(one minute later)

Man: “Yes.”
Benji: “I’d like to order a challah, please.”
Man: “Call back tomorrow.”
Benji: “What? I can’t order now?”
Man: “There’s no one to take your order, call back tomorrow.”

Benji’s brain: “ARE YOU %*$#ING KIDDING ME????”

(I just talked to a co-worker who laughed her tooseek off at my reaction. The ridiculous things is that while a lot of locals would laugh because it’s bad service and rude, I feel like they’re missing the fact that there’s more to it, that it’s not just that he’s rude, but that his behavior WILL DIRECTLY RESULT IN LOST BUSINESS. It’s not just a funny, acceptable cultural difference. I have to believe that these people will disappear like dinosaurs in 10 or 15 years when their competitors figure out how to provide better service and are therefore rewarded for it. Unfortunately this rant probably made the previous story less funny.)

I’ll be giving this to the shopowner, along with 15 shekels.
(After posting this, I thought, “Am I going to offend any readers with this picture?”
It’s just a finger! Big whoop!)

(Update: After I emailed this to a friend, she responded with “HYSTERICAL! That is SO typical. . .but that is why we move here and love it here so much!” Uhhh…oh yeah.

Wait, THIS is why we moved here???)

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