If You Like to Laugh….(Don’t Call Tech Support)

Ok, I just typed a nice plug for Avi Liberman‘s latest comedy tour of Israel but Firefox crashed AGAIN and Blogger didn’t save it. UGH. This might be an appropriate time to tell you about the tech guy in my office who I called yesterday to fix a problem with my computer at work. Want to know what I love? I’ll tell you. I just love the tech guys who come to help you and before you can say “purple falafel jones”, they’ve shut ALL THE APPLICATIONS open on your computer before you can save your work.” FOR THE LOVE OF G-D, HAVE YOU NO MERCY IN YOUR HEART, MR. TECH GUY?!?!

I can’t say if this is an Israeli quality but I’m quite certain it’s an annoying quality that makes me want to jump off a tall building.

IT guy: “Ehhhh….let me jahst feex your cahm-putehr.
Me: “Wait, please, let me just….”
IT guy: “NOOOOOOOOOO PROOOOOOOOOH-BLEEEEEEEEEM!!!!!!!!!!” (click! click! clickity click click!)

Thanks a million. Yiyeh b’seder, my disk drive.

Let’s do this quickly.

Avi Liberman: born in Israel, lifelong supporter, founder of comedy tour in Israel now sponsored by Koby Mandell Foundation

(I’m so annoyed by having to write this twice,
I can’t even bring myself to write a smarmy caption. This is Avi.)

Chris Spencer, Modi, Mike Loftus: funny guys he’s bringing who have a ton of credentials

Shows in: Jerusalem (tonight, the 3rd), Tel Aviv (the 6th), Ranana (7th), Modiin (8th), Beit Shemesh (11th)

Buy tickets here or email tickets@djwconsult.com or call 054-627-2867.

If you like to laugh, you should absolutely come. And if you take notes, make sure to periodically save them before calling IT.

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