Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Said in Hebrew?

But first….tonight at 7 PM supposedly, the Galey Tzahal (army radio) is going to broadcast a short interview with me talking about aliyah. Thank you, Nefesh B’Nefesh! Hope that link works…

So I’m in the office yesterday talking to one of my tour guides about an upcoming trip.

Me: “So since it’s Hanukkah and all the chanukiot will be lit, it would be great if you could lead a walking tour of Nachlaot (cool Jerusalem neighborhood). Do you think you can do it?”
Guide: “Yeah, absolutely.”
Me: “Achla! (awesome)

(pause) Or should I say ‘nachla’? ” (overcome by proud, goofy grin)

Co-worker in next cube laughs.

Thank you, folks! Try the shnitzel….
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