Don’t Expect This Person on ‘Name That Tune’ Anytime This Century

First things first: Well, lookee who got quoted in the first paragraph of this Jpost story about intermarriage. Seems the author liked my piece about the GA.

Next: the Comedy for Koby event last night was great. Several more shows happening around the country so you should be sure to make it.

Anyway….like many of these posts seem to begin these days….so I’m at work yesterday when a co-worker comes across a picture of Jerry Hall, of all people. Seems that someone thought a laminated picture of her would be an interesting way to label a jerry can (canteen) which our groups use when on hikes. As always, I thought this would be an opportune moment for a cultural lesson. As always, these moments never turn out as expected. And here we go…

Me: “Jerry Hall: does anyone know who she is?”
Co-worker: “Waht eez thet doo-eng here?
Me: “Does anyone know who she is? I’ll give someone a million dollars if yes.”
Co-worker: “Ah seen-gehr?”
Me: “No.”
Co-worker: “Ahk-tress?”
Me: “No. She was married to Mick Jagger.”
Co-worker: “Eez he deh one weeth deh beeg mouth?
Me: “You could say that. Do you know what band he’s in?”

Other co-worker, eavesdropping: “Gahns and…”

Hand hits forehead. Loud cackling ensuses.

Hey, look! It’s Axl Rose!
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