Daily Gaza Update: Whatever

I just checked my web stats and, boy, are my arms tired. Wait, wrong line. I just checked my web stats and, boy, are you guys stopping by. Apparently everybody’s traffic is up since the offensive began, including Jack’s Gaza round-ups which are getting three times his normal readers.

When I look in the stats, there are a gazillion referrals from Google images which aren’t telling me much. What, more people are looking for pictures of falafel since Saturday? I don’t get it. So where are you people coming from?

And by the way, this is what Israelis call “New Years”.
I thought you’d want to know.

In case you’re wondering, we’re firmly entrenched at #1 for a search of “Gaza chumus Bar Rafaeli“. And “Hamas yiyeh b’seder“. And “Tel Aviv ehhhhhhh Rick roll“. And I just spent 10 minutes of my life trying different combinations. “Pushing terror shawarma” sadly didn’t make the cut.

That’s all I got. Life’s continuing as normal. In fact, just the other day at work, my co-worker brought her four year-0ld and his friend into the office to play while she was getting stuff done. Suddenly, this happened.

Co-worker, “Hoh-lee sheet!
Kid, supposedly out of earshot: “Mah zeh hoh-lee sheet?
Me: (laughs hysterically)

Happy New Year!

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