Can You Feel It, Baby? IT’S CHANUKKAH!

Shalom from Jerusalem, my loyal readers. Well, the Tu B’av video we made went over so well that we decided to get back on the streets.

Chanukkah, the Festival of Lights, begins this evening and what better way to celebrate it than by getting out there and talking to people. We laughed….we cried…..we made people uncomfortable (hellooooo, cutting room floor!) But we definitely had fun and we think you will too.

From the super-talented Molly Livingstone of Giving Tree Productions and some dumb oleh (immigrant)…

Enjoy! And chag sameach!

Ok, who wants to give us money?
Adi Ashkenazi, I’m waiting for your call.

Update: Thanks to Gmail’s sending limits, I am locked out of my email for at least 24 hours apparently. Nice to warn me before hitting “send”, Google.

Worst Chanukkah present ever.

Update #2: Though I copied and pasted in the correct link, I somehow made it redirect to the Tu B’av video. WHAT KIND OF SPAMMER SELLS THE WRONG PRODUCT????

Whoever does see this, how about saving my holiday and helping make this go viral?

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