Words That Look Like Hebrew But Aren’t

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Guess where I live now? Yup, as of yesterday morning. Crazy. Anyway…

A few days ago, I get an email with some Hebrew that I can’t seem to figure out. Come on, Benji, sound it out…don’t give up…..what in the world is that???



Ha-KU-nah ma-TA-ta!

Dammit, that was way too confusing. There must be a ton of those. I once came across the word “charities” in some weird context and tried pronouncing it with a chet. That’s just ridiculous.

And for those of you who are wondering, this phrase is Disney for “yiyeh b’seder.”

“Your sequel went straight to video with an idiotic name?
Yiyeh b’se-…I mean ‘hakuna matataaaaaaaaaaaaaa!’ “
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