Proof that the Jewish People are Doomed

Last reminder to come to the Off the Wall Comedy Basement tonight or Saturday. Info here

Now for a short post before I start working…

A couple of nights ago, my co-workers and I are hanging out in a kibbutz guest house after a long day of staff enrichment and meetings. With one of them about to embark on a trip to New York for vacation, the conversation turns to Rockefeller Center.

Co-worker: “Oooh, eet eez so beau-tee-fool!
Me: “Yeah, you’ve been there?”
Co-worker: “No, but I hev seen eet on TV! Ani met al Crees-mahs tree! (I die for/I love a Christmas tree)”

That’s just great. Glad to see we’re instilling Jewish pride over here.

“Oh, the weather outside is…….ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh………”

Coming soon: Yossi and Ruti visit Mea Shearim to hunt for Easter eggs.
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