Live Blogging Getting Hit by a Car

Because nothing gets you people more excited than the words “live blogging”…

Yeah, so about 10 minutes ago, I was walking home from the shuk in the minutes before Shabbat. I approached a crosswalk around the same time as a car. Having lived right off Sderot Rothschild in Tel Aviv for a year and a half, I’ve done the car-pedestrian tango* a jillion times. Pedestrians get the right of way always, and the cars are always good about slowing down. Well, they had been up to now.

In the split-second right before the car drove into my bag of groceries, I suddenly realized that the car was going to drive into my bag of groceries. I wasn’t in any danger myself as I was watching the car the whole time, albeit unconsciously (since, you know, where I come from, high-speed car drivers exercise some level of caution around mortal beings.)

So what would your reaction be when almost getting run over? I don’t know what it would be in America but I can tell you what words flew out of my mouth here: “MAH ZEH?!?!” Nothing sends a message of ultimate condemnation more than “WHAT IS THIS?!” I couldn’t express else at that moment besides a look of shocked disgust although approximately 3.4 seconds later, I was laughing at the ridiculousness of it. At least he didn’t have the chutzpah to argue with me. He said something like “I didn’t see you!” Maybe I’ll enlist in the army; it’s got to be safer than walking on the street.

Just another thing which scares me less than walking.

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I think it’s beyond time to create some new categories in this thing….

*Ech omrim “car-pedestrian tango”?

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