Live Blogging an Animal Walking around My Office

In case you didn’t hear, there are roughly 46 million cats in Israel. That may or may not include the one which has camped out in the middle of our office. This would definitely be one of those moments where I’m looking around, pinching myself, and asking, “Am I the only one who finds this absolutely ridiculous?” No one else seems to find it weird (much like when “I’m Too Sexy” comes on Galgalatz and no one flinches). It’s not so much that a cat could walk into an office, but that he has….and no one is fazed enough to see a need to get rid of it.

What if this was a kupat cholim (HMO)? Would someone do something then?

UPDATE: (A few hours later) The cat has just set up shop on somebody’s chair and is about as apathetic towards those around him as they, to him. I just named him Chumusface.

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