Chumusface Returns!

You better believe it, baby! It’s everybody’s favorite ongoing saga: Chumusface is back, meowing like he owns this place. My co-worker just screamed “LECHI!” (GO!) at it and it obliged. Amazing-even the animals here speak Hebrew.

And by the way, yes, it bothers me that both animals and five-year olds speak better than I do. Although in all fairness, I haven’t heard the cat talk yet.

Gotta highlight this comment from yesterday, coutesy of Baila:
My first Yom Kippur here a dog walked into the Beit Knesset and just walked around like it belonged there. Some people were horrified (mostly us Anglos), but many people didn’t even bat an eyelash.

Where are animals not welcome here? And is it possible to email pics from my Nokia without any additional internet service?


(Oh yeah…and Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!)


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