*Beelti Precedentzia (Unprecedented)….And There’s a 30% Chance That’s Actually How You Say It

Something I forgot to ask when I wrote this whole thing:

Am I the first oleh in recorded history to make aliyah to Tel Aviv and then move to Jerusalem? I know someone who did Jerusalem-Tel Aviv-back to Jerusalem (not the guy from Hadag Nachash.) I know someone who moved to TA, got married, and moved to Jerusalem. No asterisks, no exceptional reasons, just a single person actually choosing to leave Tel Aviv to try living in J-town. Has an American ever done this? Somebody get Nefesh B’Nefesh and the Guinness Book of World Records on the phone.

I’m not saying I’m as freaky as this lady
but it is kind of a rare thing, don’t you think?

*Precedentzia-milah o lo milah?
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