Back to School

It’s not just a Rodney Dangerfield movie anymore.

I really need to get my tooseek back to Ulpan. I’m looking for something one night a week. The only one you ever hear about is Ulpan Etzion. Jerusalemites: any recommendations for an Ulpan in this city or is Etzion the way to go?

On another note, this happened in the office yesterday:

Co-worker #1: Benj, I like your shirt.
Benj: Thanks, it’s from Banana Republic.
Co-worker #1: Oh, I like Bah-nah-na Reh-pah-bleek. I also lahv Aber-crahm-bee end Feetch.

Co-worker #2: Mah zeh Crahm-bee end Feetch?

Laughter ensues.

Abercrombie and Fitch….also known as soft pornography.
But that’s for another blog.
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