Have I Got a Story for You!

Four stories actually! Are you ready to hear them?!?

If you are, you’ll have to wait two days and come to the Givatayim Storytelling Festival Tuesday night in….where else??? DIMONA!!!

The festival is celebrating its 15th year and as always is directed and hosted by Yossi Alfi. Each night has a different theme or two; I am one of a few storytellers for the עלייה וכיף בה show (“Aliyah and the Fun in It”). Fun? Aliyah is FUN!?! That title sounds a little Orwellian, no?

Coming soon to a theater near you:
Boarding the 405 Bus and the Sheer Joy In It“)

Here’s the lineup for the show. The only name I recognized was Tal Brody, an Israeli basketball hero who moved here from the States way back when, famous for leading Maccabi Tel Aviv to victory over a Russian team and then proclaiming in Hebrew “we are on the map!” Should be a good time.

My Hebrew held up talking to just one person…we’ll see what happens in front of an audience. Better go practice…

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