Gee, I Don’t Remember Learning About This Guy in Hebrew School

Then again, what do I remember learning about in Hebrew school?

People, I don’t need to tell you about the financial mess the United States is in. It’s serious business. At the same time, over the last year, the shekel has strengthened and for the time being, the Israeli economy is in good shape. On that note, recent visitors may have seen the new two-shekel piece and the new twenty-shekel bill (made of plastic, not paper), but how many of you have seen the brand-spankin’ new FIFTY shekel bill? Really! It’s hot off the presses!

Looks familiar, yes? So far, so good.
Ben-Gurion: The Early Years?!?
WHAT THE #$&%???

Counterfeit. Ya think?!? Someone I knew had the misfortune of having this slipped to her and only saw it after the fact. Don’t worry, mystery person…it happens to the best of us. Welcome to the club.

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