Comedy Show Saturday Night: Elie Wiesel to Perform

Paying attention? Good. So if you didn’t read yesterday’s post, just a reminder to come out to the Storytelling Festival tomorrow night in Givatayim.

You’re also invited to Jerusalem’s Off the Wall Comedy Basement Saturday night where I’ll headlining at 9 PM. If you’re ready to see the words “yiyeh b’seder” jump off the page into the air, this would be a great time to come out and have a good time.

Location: Off The Wall Comedy Basement- 34 Ben Yehuda (corner of King George- down the stairs, near the Mashbir)
45nis (40nis students, soldiers, seniors) + 18nis drink minimum purchase
Reservations: 02-624-3218

Here’s a preview.

Come and bring friends!

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