When You Can’t Find It at Costco, There’s Always…

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Monday morning in my parents’ house, I come across a CD I burned years ago with several SNL sketches on it, including the classic Matt Foley motivational speaker skit. I then decided to share the laughs with my mother.

Here’s how it unfolded:

Me: “Do you know Chris Farley?”
Mom: “The fat guy?”
Me: “Yeah, do you know him?”
Mom: “He’s dead.”

Well, that about sums it up, don’t it? Rest in peace, funny man.

Sometime that same day, someone in my house may or may not have called our lame-duck Prime Minster “Olmart”. For only the best deals in scandals and corruption…it’s Ol-Mart!

Could it be?

Anyway, I didn’t see on Google Video how to embed so you’ll just have to click. Some of my all-time faves:

1) Possibly the first ever Matt Foley sketch.
2) Jingleheimer Junction
3) Sportscenter. If you watched this show in the mid-90s with Stuart Scott, this is genius.

My trip to America’s almost half over. Are you guys looking after the beach for me?

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