Watch out NBN, There’s a New Kid in Town

G-d, Starbucks is weird. I seriously feel like I’m stuck in Pleasantville. Just doesn’t seem real, this suburban life. It’s been extremely strange being back ever since I landed about 36 hours ago. Ayn li koach to go into detail (especially because I “only” get 2 hours of free wifi a day here with the purchase of a Starbucks gift card) but if you live in Israel, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I did have my first vegetable today after 24+ hours which I was happy about. Mmmm….vegetables.

Anyway, here’s something which just came across my desk. Check out what somebody did to the Wikipedia entry for Nefesh B’Nefesh (hello, my loyal readers who monitor the NBN Google Alerts! And this will be re-edited in 3…2…1…) Seems that somebody has a sense of humor about aliyah…

Check out the caption under the picture on the right:

Surely they’re going to smile at least one more time, no?
After all, taxes are pretty low our first coupla years…

But seriously, life in Israel is pretty good, no? Especially for us secular olim. Even the ones who didn’t come through NBN. Click on the graphic to enlarge.

I wonder if they’ll be having their own blogger conference.
If so, I want on the panel.

Let’s hear it for Web 2.0!!!

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