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Shalom from America where I’ve been up since 4:45 AM. Lots of observations to post as soon as I can find my way to a Starbucks (or install a wireless network in my parents’ house, whichever comes first.)

In the meantime, let me direct your attention to my guest post in the JobMob blogging contest. According to the site, JobMob.co.il “is about bringing together job seekers and jobfinders to find jobs in Israel and all over the world. Furthermore, one shekel is donated to tzedakah every time we use the word ‘job’. ” Ok, the second part I just made up.

Here’s a preview of “The Idiot’s Guide to Finding a Job in Israel”:

Before you’re ready to land the dream interview, you better get your resume in order. Do know that whereas long gaps in employment are frowned upon in many Western countries, you need not worry in Israel.

Interviewer: “Ehhh….waht eez dees three month break een between jobs?”
Candidate: “India, nu?!”
Interviewer: “ONLY three months? What eez wrong weeth you?”

You may also want to fix any misspellings. If you are applying however for a position in menu or street sign creation, please disregard the previous sentence.

“3 mistakes? You’re hired!”

So click on over and help me win the cash prize for collecting the most visits for the next week. If you laugh, feel free to pass on.

Ech omrim “insomnia”?

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