I’m Alive…and Maybe I’m Becoming Israeli

After days without power, I’ve left Houston and am back in civilization, otherwise known as Austin, Texas. Or as I call it, “Greatest City on the Planet.” Those of you who’ve never been to Texas or don’t want to come to Texas….just trust me on this one. Have I let you down thus far? (Austin friends, I finally visited the Whole Foods flagship store and checked out the peanut butter station and chocolate fountain. Definitely blows the NYC Columbus Circle location out of the water. The fact that I could walk around with a Shiner Bock as I took the tour made it all the more enjoyable.)

Not much to say now because I only have a few more hours in this precious town so perhaps I’ll recap later. Just a quick nugget from the trip though. Two brilliant minds saw this one coming and hinted as much on my Facebook wall…

I’m sitting in my brother’s house with his family, no power and no AC. After surveying the sweaty group of people around her, my sister-in-law looks my way and says, “Why are you wearing jeans?!?!”

If I have to explain it, it just won’t be funny. Any commenters want to answer the question for the readers out there?

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