I’ll Be Lucky If I Make It Another Year

Good golly, has it really been a year since this event?

Then it must be time for some pictures from the war zone! (Yes, I know I’m wearing the same shirt. I’m a Tel Avivi, nu! Black shirts are issued at the airport upon arrival.)

A member of the Islamic Jihad points a smuggled weapon at me to protest the occupation. Don’t be fooled by her beauty, readers; this woman is a cold-blooded killer.
Here is me, turning the tables on an enemy soldier as a Hezbollah operative shows everyone the oppressor. Seconds before this picture was taken, I was hit in the solarplexus by a Kassam.

After being dragged into Gaza, I manage to call my secret contacts in the Mossad. What, you thought I was some low-level jobnik?
(Ok, what the hell is “jobnik” doing in UrbanDictionary.com?)

I just wanted to embarrass my friends with this one.

I celebrate another year of survival in the war zone on Sderot (Boulevard) Rothschild. If that doesn’t warrant a cafe hafuch, people, what on earth does?!?!
Hey, did I mention it was my birthday this week?

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