Dude! ‘VEG-E-TA-BLES!!!’

Seriously, America-that’s nasty.

What can you say? The best thing I can say about McDonalds is that I ate a kosher for Passover chicken sandwich last spring. That was cool.

Wandering around the airport yesterday, I was unable to believe how much fruits and vegetables cost. A small thing of fruit salad for around four bucks…are you kidding me??? I can never buy fruit at the airport out of principle (a few years ago, I bought a banana for $1.25. I hate to use these two words for anything besides…well, you know…but NEVER AGAIN, people.)


More important stuff to come soon….

If you still didn’t read the Idiot’s Guide to Finding a Job in Israel, today’s the last day to “cast your vote” by simply visiting the site. Thanks!

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