36 Hours and Counting

Yep, that’s about the amount of time I have left in the USA. My laptop battery and its ability to charge are just about completely dead so I haven’t been able to write much. (Can anything be “completely dead”? Is that kind of like “completely pregnant”? Anyone with me? Ok, let’s move on.) And speaking of that, I’ll have to get it looked at at the BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW Israeli Apple store in Ramat Aviv. When talking to some Israelis I met some Israelis in H&M the other day, we were wondering what this place is going to be like:

Me: “The Apple guys in America are in LOOOOOVE with their computers! I hope the service in Israel is as good.”
Guy: “The first day, it will be as good as in America. Second day? Back to normal!”

Whew. Glad that’s settled.

My third camera in 2 years may have broken yesterday so no fun pics to download just yet, such as the one of the Bank Leumi branch I accidentally came across in Manhattan a few days ago. Here’s how it unfolded…

Greeter (local American): “Good morning.”
Me: “Good morning. I’m actually a member of Bank Leumi in Israel and just wanted to check this place out from the inside. So why would someone use Bank Leumi in the States?”
Greeter (copping a ‘tude): “Why wouldn’t someone use Bank Leumi in the States?”

Ok, whoever replies with the best response to that wins a cup of coffee on me. Contest ends on Friday at 6 PM, Israel time. Just like this guy, I’m the decider AND I DECIDE WHAT’S BEST!

The original decider.

Much, much more to come. Don’t you worry, my loyal readers….my mitzei cree-ay-teevee (creative juices…no, doesn’t translate?) are juiced and ready to explode. Stay tuned…

Bank Leumi makes me a rich man!
The Israeli Apple store and t-shirts!

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