Glad to See the American Jewish Community Has Its Priorities in Order

The secret is out, people-Benji Massachusetts kicks off his first US tour in a year in just a few weeks. I know what my Israeli friends are thinking. Street violence, mall shootings, and drug problems… Trust me though, people-it looks much worse on TV. I’ll be fine and back here before you can say “supersize me.”

Knowing I’ll have extra time on my hands in my hometown of Dallas, I figured I’d check out the Federation’s community calendar to see if anything interesting might be going on next month.

Hmm….let’s see. The 12th Annual Jewish Film Festival…that could be interesting. The Tiferet Israel talent show…intriguing. Oh wait….what’s that on Sunday? Seriously?

Because nothing says Jewish community like “Dallas Cowboys vs. Cleveland.”

I guess quarterback Tony Romo must have upped his pledge to the Israel Emergency Fund this year. He’s supposed to make $6.5 million in 2008! If he gives even half of 1%, that comes out to $32,500!!! Being from Dallas, surely I’ll see a good chunk of that!


HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Between this money and the hundreds of thousands I got from Bank Leumi, things are looking PRETTY good, wouldn’t you say?

Now when I attend the Jewish Family Service Tea and Tour on the 9th, I can afford to get my chai latte in size grande. Cause I’m cool like that.

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