Gee, I Don’t Remember This Happening On ‘Friends’

Before we jump in to today’s fun post, just a reminder about the blogging conference doohickey tomorrow evening sponsored by Nefesh B’Nefesh and WebAds. (Want to know how to say “doohickey”? Give up?

Zeh” (this).

“Hey man, have you seen…….you know, the, umm….the whatchamacallit?”
?אהלו גבר! ראית את ה………זה

So much easier. Good job, Ben-Yehudah.)

Anyway, I’m on one of the panels which should be fun. Even if you don’t attend, you can watch the webcast from around the world. (Hands in the air weighing options like a scale….Olympics??? Bloggers? Bloggers? Olympics? BLOGGERS!)

Especially after this breaking news from friend and fellow writer Esther Kustanowitz…

Why is Michael Phelps screaming?
Because his internet is down and he wants to hear WhatWarZone’s professional insights.

Moving on…

This just in from Ynet…

Thank G-d for this ruling; I now have the rabbinic authority to get 80 year-old women who are off the market to go out with me. This should come in handy at octogenarian peek-ahp bars.

Benji: “Hey, Tsipora-I like the way you rock those na’alay bayit (house shoes). Wanna kick it?”
Tsipileh: “Ehhh….I have boyfriend, nu?!
B: “Girl, you are OLD! And didn’t you hear about the ruling?”
T: “Well, I guess I ehm rahn-eeng out of time. Ok, let’s roll.
B: “Hells yeah. Let me just pay for your cranberry juice.”

Multi-dating rules. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to run. I’m picking Savta up at 4:30.

(And how about the term “multi-dating”? That’s a little weird, right? “Baby, I’m not a player! I’m just multi-dating, it’s all good in the hood!” These are things I don’t usually like discussing with my rabbi. But I’m weird like that.)

My interview about the upcoming conference and blogging…

The Facebook group dedicated to bringing back my friend Shira to appear again on “Srugim”, the TV show that inspired the article…

Just because it’s hilarious….

See, people, this is the stuff you don’t get on Al Jazeera.

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