Embarrassing Moments in the Office

We’re sitting in a department-wide meeting at work when pitom (suddenly), my phone rings. Not my personal cell phone which is set to display in English, but a work phone assigned to one of my tour guides which I was set to deliver hours later, configured to display in Hebrew….since we are of course in Israel. As I grab the phone from the table, my face slowly contorts into a look of complete confusion as I attempt to figure out what unknown person is calling me.

“Who the HELL is that???” I exclaim, all eyes now on me.

A co-worker leans in, sees the name of “the caller” and reveals his identity, much to the glee of everyone else in the room.

“מספר חסוי (mispar chasui)….unidentified number”

Everyone laughs. Uh, yeah, I knew that.

Nope, not Israeli yet.

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