Did That Just Happen?

My busy work season is just about DONE, my loyal readers, or hadn’t you heard? For the last 3.5 months, I’ve been planning Birthright programs for one of the 25 or so trip organizers. My most recent trip is a 14 day program, as opposed to the typical 10 day trip. With 40% more trip at my disposal (who’s good at math?) I decided to consider a half-day in the area of Sderot, like a good Israel supporter.

With the help of a co-worker, I was able to track down a woman serving on the regional council of one of the nearby communities. Here was our conversation:

Benji: “Hi, I’m interested in bringing a group of 40 Americans to visit and support the residents of your community.”
Woman, Clearly Asking to Be Voted Out of Office: “I’m on chofesh (vacation), there’s not really anyone replacing me…”
B: “It would be really great to come.”
WCABVOO: “It’s kind of the last minute, only two days from now.”
B: “It’s actually next week, you can’t help us?”
WCABVOO: “Well, I’m on chofesh and not in the office, there’s nothing I can really do.”
B: “So there’s no one else who can help us?”
WCABVOO: “I don’t think so.”

Are you freaking kidding me??? Does this woman have any idea what the hell has been going on in her neck of the woodseem? Could that conversation ever happen under different circumstances?

Firefighter: “Hello, sir?! I understand you’re on fire! We’re on our way to put it out!”
Burning Man: “Well, I’m a little busy watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’…how about another time?”
Ff: “ARE YOU SURE??? I’d really like to come help you!”
BM: “Maybe you didn’t hear me, this really isn’t a good time.”
F: “You’re an idiot.”

“Don’t be fooled by my apparent need for assistance….

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