Am I Fluent in Hebrew Yet? Nope (Reason #483)

Last week, I go to the bank to cash a check which I’d been carrying around for a good month or so. From my many visits to the ATM, I remember that “withdrawal” in Hebrew is “משיכה” (meshicha). Not five minutes later, I’m walking into the photo shop to buy a rechargeable battery for my camera. As I approach the door, I see the sign which says “משוך”.

Having established that “משיכה” is a withdrawal, or the pulling of money, what action would you suggest taking when arriving to a door? If you’re waiting for me to tell you that I pushed the door, sorry to disappoint.

Unfortunately, however, only a few hours later, in a joking attempt to tell a co-worker that I was going to kick her tooseek, I threatened her with matkot. No, not maKOT, or punches (what Israelis love to threaten each other with). MATkot, beach paddles. Yes, I know the difference, people, as evidenced by this here post about the Tel Aviv beach. The wrong word just came out. It didn’t keep her from laughing for about three minutes.

I guess I deserved that one.

Wasn’t that an 80’s song? I threatened her with matkot?
Five points for whoever got that reference.
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