You Thought I Was Joking About Israeli Weddings?

Here it is if you missed it.

And here’s more proof from my friend Mort, sent via text message from the shetach (the “field”)….

At a wedding. They are dancing the hora to “9 to 5” and to the Bee Gees.

Five minutes later…

It’s getting worse. The band is a string quartet of blondes in bikinis playing trance on electric violins. “Revenge of the Nerds” Israeli-style.”

This kind of stuff can’t be made up. And in case you missed the reference….

Here’s a piece of trivia that you probably didn’t know: the actor who played Lamar was also in “The Karate Kid” ‘s evil Cobra Kai. YOU’RE NOT GETTING THIS FROM HAARETZ, BABY!!!

Tel Avivim, be sure to see the post below about Wednesday night…
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