Now That’s What I Call ‘Targeted Marketing’

Haven’t written in a little while….could the creative juices be running dry? Nah. Just been busy. In an effort to get something up, I’m stealing from my friends Rebecca and Molly over at The Big Felafel. This blog (along with theirs) are now featured on a site called Alltop.

Alltop says you can think of their site as a “digital magazine rack” that collects stories from “all the top” sites on the web. They group the info “into individual Alltop sites based on topics such as environment, photography, science,” and now Israel!…..You can read more about Guy Kawasaki, the man behind Alltop and how it got started on the About page.

If you go to the main page, there’s all kinds of stuff there. Check it out.

On another note, the tourists have arrived in Israel in full force with group buses all over the place. Man, there’s nothing like a trip to Israel: the Old City….Nachalat Binyamin street market….the firing range… Yeah, man-when I think back to my first trip to Israel, nothing gets the emotional juices flowing like memories of cocking the M-16 around the campfire as we sipped our shoko cham and picked off Hezbollah operatives. Those were the days…

Where would people be visiting from where they need skills from a top anti-terror expert? I mean, I know the streets of Boca Raton are dangerous after 5 PM but “learn to shoot” dangerous? Is Nana Faye really such a threat? What the hell is she carrying in her 1965 purse? A Metamucil-based Molotov cocktail? (Ech omrim “Metamucil-based Molotov cocktail”?)

I think I’m going to go click on it.

Thanks, Talia

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