Dance, Camel, Dance!….And If You Can’t See So Well…

Ok, I just started typing out this rant about camels and how we can’t decide whether or not to promote this place as camel-obsessed or not until I realized that I’ve already gone there. So save me some time and just read this if only for the first couple of paragraphs.


Tov-so Wednesday night, the Off the Wall Comedy Club in Jerusalem is putting on a show in Tel Aviv at the Dancing Camel. After a hiatus of a couple of months due to my crazy work schedule, this gives me a good reason to come back to Tel Aviv. B’ezrat Hashem (why do I find myself saying that phrase all the time now? am I turning relij?), G-d willing, I’ll make it back in order to do a short set.

Cover: NIS 30 + NIS 25 drink minimum purchase (equals a beer)
Reservations & Information: (050) 875-5688

What Janglo has to say about it. Hope to see you out!

“Umm…you might want to see a doctor about that.”

One more thing-I told my friend Yehoshua I’d give his dad’s business a shout out as a thank you for telling me that I revealed more of my personal bank details than I realized in this here post. (Ech omrim “run-on sentence?) So thanks, Yehoshua, and remember my loyal readers: next time you find yourself not only in need of new glasses, but also in Lincoln, Nebraska, STOP ON BY OPTICAL DELIGHTS! TELL ‘EM CRAZY BENJI SENTCHA!

(I estimate the amount of business I just helped generate will be approximately equal to the amount of money I spent on falafel-flavored Hubba Bubba last year. MMMMMMMM……..DELISH!!!!!!!!! And thanks to Google and search engine optimization, the odds of me showing up in the top 3 and scaring away customers is about 93%. Sorry, Dr. Coren!)

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