‘Communicatsia’ (Because It’s 2:22 AM and I Can’t Think of a Good Title for This Post)

Hello, new readers, and thanks for stopping by. Good times as always in the War Zone with the recent beach post being published on Ynet this week. I sent it to my co-workers in the department, continuing the charade that they have any interest in anything I write in English. Good people, they just don’t like reading a foreign language. I can’t really blame them; after all, here’s my impression of me after I receive a Hebrew email sent to the entire company: DELETE. Neeeeeext!!!!

Moving on….so earlier today, I try to get a co-worker’s attention only to realize she’s on the phone. I do the international symbol for “call me”, putting my hand up to my ear and mouthing these two words. Approximately 3.2 seconds later, I thought “can she really read lips in English?” I could have mouthed “Debbie Gibson likes techina in June”, it wouldn’t have made a difference. Good thing for hand motions.

OOH LA LA! I’d like to shake her love.

Speaking of verbal and non-verbal communication…

(Five minutes later…)

Dammit, I just got one paragraph into some thoughts about Israeli Taboo before Googling this blog and realizing I covered this topic last October. Well, since it’s on my mind, feel free to go check it out yourself. I feel dishonest copying and pasting old content. What’s the blog protocol? (Ech omrim “blog protocol”?)

Lastly, where in the world is kibinimat? Someone told me to go there today. I spent five minutes staring at a map and couldn’t find it.

Nu, where is Kibinimat?
Apparently it’s just down the road from Azazel.
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