Reason #945 You Should Go to Ulpan

It’s busy season in the office, my loyal readers. BUSY SEASON! Tourist season is here which means that thousands of Americans have begun to descend on Israel, like flies on dried fruit in the shuk. (So when we buy peanuts and dried pineapple on a Friday, are we supposed to pretend that they weren’t attacked by a group of flies five seconds before? Just tell me so I know. And what’s a group of flies called anyway? A school? Gaggle? Shchuna?)

Just last week, I found myself putting together a box of supplies for one of my buses to use for activities. Scissors? Check. Tape? Check. מדבקות לבנות

Madbekot l’banot? What the hell are stickers for girls???

Any of my Hebrew-speaking commenters want to explain my linguistic mistake?

For some reason, somebody thought that group of 40 American tourists would need this for educational purposes. Either that or I’m a moron.

Need another reason to go to Ulpan? Here’s one. Good times in Ulpan always.

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