Israel’s #1 Game Show

Hey, everybody! It’s time for everybody’s favorite Israeli game show, “Real or Staged?” !!!
All you have to do is guess whether this Israeli guy is real (meaning that a self-respecting adult would actually dress like this, as hard as it is to believe)…or staged.
You know how the show begins, folks-with everybody’s favorite catchphrase, so scream it with me!

The answer, after this commercial break!

(“Real or Staged?” will be having tryouts in Central Tel Aviv this Friday. Potential contestants will be judged on their ability to identify actual ridiculous and horribly embarrassing Israeli t-shirts in the area of Dizengoff Center. You know, in the event that one comes along.)

Here are some examples to practice at home:
Ridiculous t-shirts in the workplace!
Ridiculous t-shirts on the bus!

(Thanks, Gabi!)

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