I’m Too Sexy for Egregious Misspellings

Hello, my loyal raeders, how the heck are you? Enjoying the smumer heat? I am; with tmeperatures rising, you gtota do what you can to cool off, wehther that means an atfertoon at the beach or a night out, ptuting down a tall, forsty one.

Just last weekend, I met a cuople of my neighbors at a naerby bar called Johnson. Here is the sign otuside.

Here is the firendly bartender. Aynthing strike you as odd?

Me niether. Just aonther example of me looking around the room thinking, “Am I DREAMING???” Happens all the time.

Just last week, I’m in my boss’s office with 2 co-workers when Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy” came on the radio. Look left….look right….nope, nobody flinches. I guess I am dreaming.

Thanks, Danielle and Rachel…

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