Speaking in Tongues

And now for my daily effort to continue writing on this thing even though my first birthright group comes in exactly seven days…
My professional Hebrew bootcamp continues as we discussed in the last couple of entries. Thanks to those of you who posted links to all kinds of amazing translation sites and whatnot. I will definitely try them out. Remember the first time you discovered Babelfish years ago? I worked in a tech company and some customer service guy would try translating his email reply into another language using this site, only to find that no native speaker would ever use those words.
Real meaning: “What is the capital of Israel?”
Babelfish’s translation: “Ehhhh….what was falafel donkey membrane?”
Point is…use at your own risk. Or ask a human. Like this guy.

How bout a little help?

Anyway, this morning somebody asked me a question. In the split second I tried to answer, my brain couldn’t decide whether to say “yeah” or “ken” so it said “yen.” That will come in real handy, especially when we start running Israel trips for Japanese jews. Of which there are many of course.

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